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Fishing Lake Vermilion's pristine waters can easily be said to be the most relaxing, refreshing, religious sport that a vacationer may find in life. This revered recreational activity can actually become an obsession for some who look forward to their free time from the world of work, worry, and responsibilities. When fishermen use acquired skill with lures or bait and are lucky to land lunkers or enough fish for a meal, it can be siad that a feeling of real elation comes about. What a joy there is in angling for fish on

Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion MN walleye Fishing


Retreat Lodge has safe sandy beaches to enjoy. Lake Vermiliom is spring-fed  and has soft water. Just another way to

RELAX, REFRESH and RENEW yourself at Retreat Lodge on Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion Resorts Family Fishing

Evening  fires under the stars

There are fireplaces with firewood, and the great camaraderie under the stars will bring new memories as stories are spun by all enjoying the evening air with the musical sounds of the wind through the trees and the water lapping the shoreline. Memories are being built for one and all, with so much to discover and enjoy in nature's simplicity on Lake Vermilion

Cook, MN Resorts Camping on Lake Vermilion

Lets go for a walk

Retreat Lodge is located off the beaten path for most traffic. We have a 1.2 mile road (Retreat Lodge Road) coming into the resort that our guests enjoy walking. Come and enjoy the many trees, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and an occasional rabbit and white-tailed deer .

Private Lake Vermilion Resort Road
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