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It was July the First, in ‘Seventy Two

When we purchased Retreat, and never knew

That  years later we’d still be there

To enjoy guests coming from everywhere!


Yes, we truly enjoyed our guests and good times at our Lake Vermilion resort.  It all started in 1945 when Wallace and Anna Cederholm purchased Govt. Lot 5, and other land from John and Ida Soderholm on September 18, 1945 with the intention of building a resort on Lake Vermilion, later called “Pine Rock Retreat.”  This pristine area was an ideal spot for a resort, the Cederholm’s felt, and it has continued to draw guests from all over the world with some coming every month to relax, refresh, and enjoy the peace and privacy.  It doesn’t seem like more than 50 years have passed since my parents took over Retreat, but some of our guests have never missed a year and have been coming at the same time which we reserve for them automatically. 

          Brochure from the past     

Pine Rock Retreat Brochure Lake Vermilion

Cabins from the past

Vermilion resort cabin from te past
Old Retreat Lodge cabin

Pictures from the past

Lake Vermilion guests
Lake Vermilion visitors
Vermilion resort rental boat
Lake vermilion boating

Building Retreat Lodge Road

Retreat Lodge Road construction
Retreat Lodg road

Postcard from the past

Retreat Lodge Lake Vermilion Post card

Tom & Ann Karakash with their grandson and long time guests and friends John & Mary.

Tom & Ann Karakash

Both Tom and Ann have passed away but John & Shaun are carrying on there legacy while welcoming repeat and new guests to Retreat Lodge.

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